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Yes, Its safe to use but instead of writing “http://yts.ag” Prefer “https://yts.ag” you're best to go. Because, we need to keep you secure and safe. Also, when you download any thing/files be secure before step in “USe VPN” to hide your Identity


Route web pages through Proxy/VPN to keep others from checking on you and monitoring your web use.


View web pages fast through our gigabit network, and keep your surfing safe with Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption.


Get connected from anywhere, to anywhere. Proxy/VPN keeps people connected and makes information accessible worldwide.

Proxy is a computer network that allows the users to direct and indirect work. It acts like a middle person from our computer to a website.

Every computer on the Internet will have a protocol [IP] address through which the internet knows to send the correct data by IP address. Proxy is used to hide the current location of the Internet and shows to be connected from somewhere else.

The data entered from one site and forwarded to another user through “URL or VIA port” here the proxy allows to block the direct access between these two users.

An advantage of Proxy is Catcher can serve all users. In case if more internet sites are requested a proxy can also log its interactions which can be useful for troubleshooting.

It makes difficult to make the link address. It serves a local copy instead of the original one. It allows the users to unblock the website which is not visible in other countries. A Proxy server uses only 1 IP address, it acts as a translator to the user on the private LAN.

Even though it has a lot of benefits and enjoyed a lot of constant in the past years, the YTS is the most of the times its made a target for its IP blocks and measured a lot of other blocking.

That’s the reason ways users always prefer to work the content in premium media to get more easies accesses, have always noted that YTS fast and genuine working sites, by this article you can track a good and fastest way, I’m giving here a top niche to access a working proxies sites and more easiest details in short and simple way about YIFY/YTS also you can navigate your own self.


YIFY Torrents or YIFY movies also called as YTS.ag, It’s a best and popular movie torrenting site to download files in any format 720p HD, 1080p full HD, and Blu-Ray….. it’s free of cost.

Most of the people prefer this because they can skip from term and conditions to accessing the torrents. Even YTS dominated the online movies with their presentation and 3d downloads from MEGA, Zippyshare, Nitroflare…..

YIFY got popularity and high recognizations every user prefers like to watch in YIFY sites that it rebranded itself in the name if YTS.

Earlier its a number one site, for movie users and lovers also getting lack of users per minute and pressing the download button in countless

Today Yify is the undisputed king of movie sites to all users…..

What Are YIFY/YTS Torrents? Simple Guidance

After 2010 a new and updated force in the world of movie torrents trackers has started their journey to rise and made a brand themselves successfully.

Under with 700MB provided excellent quality and encoding, YIFY has caught the attention to torrents user are excited very thankfully because of showing low file size, great quality and the ability to add very recent blockbusters, they used a very updated version that is x265 video encoding technology to show high-quality videos in short storage size at normal tenth of a normal blue ray disc.

This is the main reasons that users attracted by those users having unlimited in term of storage with low bandwidth and soon enough the yify\yts standalone website has enjoyed a lot with publicity.

When u signup for an account, after entering your account details in a

browser, the extension of software like IDM or BIT-TORRENT it supports a proxy server when the connections have connected the information provided in the browser goes through the services provided of the internet which you want to access.

This makes the information coming from your proxy server, not your compute

YIFY Torrents Proxy And Mirror Sites [100% Working]

YIFY sites are blocked in some countries like India, Netherlands, United Kingdom, Australia, Turkey, Malaysia, Portugal, Philippines, Indonesia…

If you want to visit YIFY.com, that blocked by any school or government, here you can un-Block by using my suggested server by just hitting unblock.

Those unblock sites allows you bypass most website blocks without completing installing or any other supportive software or your browser settings…

YTS is the most popular site in those days, because of the popularity of YTS.ag or YTS movies, a huge number of YTS proxy websites are coming on the internet. Those sites are under anonymous, they keep changing their site name because there are many chances to keep hold of proxy sites by a government of any country.

So, you really can’t keep going on single YTS proxy site.


Its totally beneficial with good performance bit VPN is even good and better. By using a VPN software it will keep in the completely secure and private mode you can move very freely on the internet.


You can brow in your device privately with complete independence, that no one tracks your brows and viewing details. (By using both you can get this opportunity)


Browse all your gadgets by using VPN software like a computer, IOS tablets…..

You have a chance to protect nearly 4 devices at the attempt.

Using A VPN Server You Can Unblock YIFY.com In Simple Way

Download today to unblock site in a simple way to get military-grade online protection to all your browsings and make your device fast and private mode. Also, you can get ultra-secure VPN services by installing.

It’s hard to set up in your device, slightly it takes an inch of hardness to set and also it’s in your favorable cost(premium).

Here recommended trying out our VPN, you can get ZENVPN in offering easy to download clients software, high-quality connective around the world and ultra-secure.

If you try to worth the effort and your cost, prefer from behind a blocker and care about your privacy and security.

Use Only VPN To Download

It’s totally a risky process to download but you can watch in online its a safe method,

But be secure in download process use VPN to download because of its danger to you and your IP and by leaking a local data being working perfectly that may be tracked by your ISP or Government Agencies.

So, use major activities to be in a secure mode like from expensive lawsuits and fines NOW…

Then prefer to use VPN Nord, this is a single way to download torrents fully anonymous surf movies, Shows… by encrypting all traffic with zero logs.

Its a shield to your browsing and highly safe in all sources from hackers and surveillance.

Its use to all regular devices in the platform like including Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, and IOS will show better results to be a secure life.

Also, you can use for smart TV and router.

Games And App Running

You can run your loved Apps and online or off-line Games in your devices will be using VPN software under too secure.

Before we chose to make this administration we accumulated a broad intermediary list. We tried the intermediary site, intermediary-free, Hiload, tube unblocks, conceal me intermediary and others and understood that a large portion of proxy locals is not happy to utilize these days. They don’t locally bolster video and sound gushing, they are moderate and break the vast majority of web applications.

We needed to make a superior web intermediary which functions admirably with any sort of asset. That is the reason Proxies is the best free intermediary you can discover over the Internet and in any free intermediary list.

To begin utilizing our web proxy basically enter your hunt question or site address, press Go! catch and make the most of your security and computerized freedom! This administration is the best web intermediary administration for deluge destinations. It is anything but difficult to utilize and verify. It can unblock access to your most loved movies, music, and PC programs.

You don’t have to download extra documents and programming and can attempt it right now!

Proxy Site















Here you can suggest you more insights concerning YTS just as a YIFY intermediary list and different ways you can explore high securely.

In past every one enjoyed with a great deal of consideration, actually those sites are the greatest part of the occasions an objective for ISP squares and a ton of other blocking measures. But now user trying to get an access code premium media content and want to make sure with a list of given YIFY sites

Final Report

They are many sites which similar to YTS proxy but before download any file, download VPN because you can skip from risk. Those sites are offering to watch movies, shows, music and etc.

Make it your favorite there is no option because of its very easy and simple way to interface. Also given high-quality formate.

By entering the homepage you can get total navigation easily they designed in simple (sitemaps) and you can find a download button in the underneath which you will see the most trending movies tags by various modes.

You can find a search bar on the header side of the site homepage also can find with content using the bar in YTS webpage


The internet with no borders

Best YIFY/YTS, Helps to use download Fast, Light and Easy

Practically its became an overnight sensation among movie/Entertainment shows by hosting high-quality torrents of recently released movies can watch/download here

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