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Proxy SiteSSLSpeed/Status


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Downloading movies through YIFY

The YIFY website provides magnet links that download torrent files onto your device. A third party application is necessary to seed the entire file through this torrent files.

uTorrent app is the one that does the seeding of the original link on the seeders device. After downloading the YIFY magnet link file, the file opens up in the app and the seeding begins. After the seeding completes, the entire file is downloaded onto the leechers device and now this acts as a seeder for others to download. This protocol is called BitTorrent protocol following peer to peer sharing popularly known to p2p sharing. The site offers different resolutions of the same file to be downloaded but it is mentioned in the file name itself. But in the application, the interface is designed in such a way that it lets you to a page for the main file wherein it would provide different buttons for different resolutions to be downloaded. It is not much of a difference except for easier and more user-friendly interface. The links to the source were available in all resolutions in the case of movies.

YIFY Is The Most Consistent

The reason why YIFY is one of the most reliable is that for any torrent you are looking for, multiple seeders are providing the magnet links to be downloaded. Also, the subtitles for all the YIFY/YTS movies are available for download.

YIFY’s founder explains the group’s success as a combination of speed and efficiency, providing torrents of new movies in a small file size that can be quickly downloaded. “I personally think that many people are following and downloading YIFY encodes due to the consistency we offer in our releasing. Everything from the consistent film cover art, to the information layout, and ultimately to the file-size of our encodes,” YIFY’s founder said.

Ever since its launch in 2011, it has faced a lot of issues.. Later on, when the user base was rapidly increasing, it got a lot of attention and was subsequently blocked from governments and ISPs of mass user based countries such as India, the UK, and UAE.

It is to be noted that everything downloaded from these torrent sites is illegal. Which is why the popular torrent sites are blocked in the first place.

Audio encoding

The audio encoding is great in the YTS.ag movies. The torrents are stuffed with a lot of audio improvements. The old YIFY torrent site didn’t have impressive audio. The updated site has clear audio in their movies.

Easy to use

It’s a simple design that is very simple to understand for anyone who gets on to the website.

No ads and popups like most other websites.

User Privacy

It respects user privacy a lot. The security design of YTS.ag is made more secure with the policy of respecting the user privacy. It is stated that the company is not a supporter of invading the personal information of its customers.

Well Organized

Everything on the website is well organized and hence, it is faster and easier to access the files that are placed in different genres.

Easy a YIFY Subtitles Online - Download Movies Subtitles

There are two ways to get the subtitles, one way is through the original site itself by moving to the page of the movie and there are options given below about subtitles of what language and what movie file that are corresponding.

Another way is that there are websites dedicated only to provide subtitles to yify movies.

www.yifysubtitles.com is the official subtitle website for all the movies that are present on the YIFY/YTS database.

Neat and clean interface - YIFY

If you are someone who uses torrent sites a lot, you would already know that most of them are all filled with advertisements all over the page. Annoying pop-ups and deceiving fake links are also placed as ads on the page. This is not the case with YIFY. Not a single ad is placed on the YIFY site or any of its proxies or mirror links. The interface is simple with the navigation bar on the top side where you can choose Movies. YIFY search bar is also available to directly search for your required torrent.

YTS VPN Your Privacy partner for using YTS/YIFY

Using VPN to access YIFY website

Another way to access the YIFY original or proxy sites is by changing the location of the device to a country where the site isn’t blocked. In this case, the speed noticeably decreases but the benefit of privacy is maintained. This can be done by using a VPN. Most VPNs such as NordVPN, Express VPN try to find out the best location to access the website considering the government blocks and internet speed. This way we can unlock YIFY bypassing the block by using the proxy.

YIFY taken over unofficially

Later on, a lot of efforts have been made to bring YIFY proxies/YIFY mirrors online but most of them failed. One prominent was yts.am which worked fine. This was only a week after it was officially shut down. So, this was considered as unblocked YIFY. Many other sites came out announcing themselves as YIFY updated versions such as yts.ag

How To Unblocking YIFY website...

YIFY torrents can be accessed through YIFY pirates linked below:

The following are the fully functioning YIFY working proxies and mirror links to access the YTS site:

https://yts.am✔️         Fast
https://yts.unblocked.vet/✔️         Fast
https://ytss.unblocked.si/✔️                  Fast
https://yts.gs✔️                  Fast
https://ytss.unblocked.ms✔️         Fast
https://www4.yify.is/✔️                  Fast

Other partially working or slow YIFY proxy list 2019:

http://yts.123unblock.info.✔️         Fast


✔️         Fast


✔️                  Fast


✔️                  Fast


✔️         Fast
www.yts.am✔️                  Fast

The status of the above sites keep altering, some links may go down, so you may not be able to open the links after a year or so. As the popularity of the proxies increase, the possibility of them going down increases.

On March 21, 2015 YIFY-Torrents changed its already changed domain YTS.RE to YTS.TO and now is the time for a second change. YTS.TO domain has been discounted and is no longer accessible, so we are switching to YTS.AG, our new domain name for YIFY Torrents.”

Top 5 YTS Alternatives

If for any reason, the proxy mirror sites aren’t working properly, the following are the YIFY alternatives:

The below sites only provide the torrent files These are mostly magnet links that need to be opened in an application and then seeded to be downloaded onto your device. uTorrent provides an application used around the globe for all kinds of torrent file downloads. The links to the directly downloadable files can only be found in index file pages as mentioned earlier in the article.

The Pirate Bay is another famous website similar to rarbg providing all kinds of torrent files/mirror links. This is the second go-to website if you couldn’t find it on rarbg. Most often, torrents of recently released movies are the most searched for, so thepiratebay displays the most recently released movies or trending series torrent files in the home page for you to download.

Top 5 Best Piratebay Proxies and Mirrors:

  • https://www.tbp-mirror.com/
  • https://www.pirateproxy.space/
  • https://thehiddenbay.com
  • https://tpb.party
  • https://piratebay.live/

KAT abbreviated to KickAss Torrents is another popular repository storing lakhs of files for users to download. KickAss displays the most downloaded torrents and also the most recently added torrents that are being downloaded more often so that it becomes easier for users to access and download.

Top 5 Best Kickass Proxies and Mirrors:

  • https://thekat.info/
  • https://kickass.cm/
  • https://kickass.cd/
  • https://kat.li/
  • http://katcr.to/

1337x.to is a lesser-known but fully functioning torrent site. It is known for its clean interface and how easy it is to access all the files. Hands down the most stylish looking torrent site there is. This works the same, you can search for your file using the key word and also a list of popular and trending files also show up in the main page.

Top Best 1337x Proxies and Mirrors:

  • https://x1337x.se/
  • https://1337x.st/
  • https://x1337x.ws/
  • https://1337x.is/


The functionality of torrentz2 is questionable but in its initial stages, it was the simplest. A simple search bar and a bunch of recently added torrents. Details such as file size, date of upload and number of seeders and leechers are displayed to understand which link is more reliable.

Top 5 Best Torrentz2 Proxies and Mirrors:

  • https://torrentz2.onl/
  • https://torrentz2.cc/
  • https://www.torrentsmirror.com/
  • https://torrentz2.is/
  • https://torrentz-proxy.com/


Extratorrent is a website providing entertainment content for free for people around the globe. You may have heard about piracy websites, well, extratorrent used to be one of the most famous websites for people to reach out whenever they wanted any movie/game for free. Sadly, it was shutdown and is no longer active. It used to be among the top 5 BitTorrent sites.

Extratorrent used to provide magnet links that need to be seeded by an application and hence downloaded through a platform onto the device.

Top Best ExtraTorrent Proxies and Mirrors:

  • https://extratorrent.cool/
  • https://extra4-to.unblocked.lol/
  • https://extratorrents.ch/
  • https://extratorrent.cd/

Movie piracy is not really what could be said as an harmless crime, now obviously its not murder, kidnap or any kind of attack. But it lets down the financial well-being of those who put years of effort to get an excellent output. Ethically its also not so appreciable because one can imagine how your effort to make something big being sold for free can be.

YTS after its shutdown was unofficially taken over by a team that uses the same database as that of the original. It used to operate on yts.ag and then 2 years later it worked on yts.am Now it is fully functioning on the site www.yts.lt

It should also be noted that the previous version www.yts.am is still operating.

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