What is a VPN? How A VPN Works Stay safe Anywhere/Anytime Download Best Secure Server

What is a VPN? How A VPN Works Stay safe Anywhere/Anytime Download Best Secure Server

What is a VPN?

VPN (Virtual Private Network)..

Have you ever wondered how safe internet connectivity takes place or is established when we connect to sites that our pc or laptop is unsure of? If you’d want to know more just jump right into this article that teaches you more about how this is done.

VPN or Virtual Private Network are private network that  establish safe connectivity between public networks and less safe networks through a safe encrypted connection way.

A VPN typically uses the method of protocol of tunnelling which encrypts and decrypts date at the senders and receiver’s end simultaneously. VPN encrypts the receiving and originating network addresses too for providing more amount if safety.

               The use of VPN comes into play when the individual would want to use restricted data from the internet. VPN apps are typically downloaded by an individual if the use would like to encrypt data to protect the transmission of data or visit sites that are geographically or technically restricted. The concept of private browsing is again a different story from visiting restricted sites through the usage of mobile VPN’s.  private browsing just makes sure it prevents to risk user date such as cookies from being transferred from one party to another one i.e., third parties. Private browsing is moreover like a browser setting that is optional and will not at all include encryption. 


When the underlying network systems cannot provide the required amount safety to the connected systems, VPN protocols come into play there to ensure that safety. To encrypt corporate data, users data and secure data there are several VPN protocols available out there in the global market. They include:

  • IP security (IPsec)
  • Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) and Transport Layer Security (TLS)
  • Point-To-Point Tunnelling Protocol (PPTP)
  • Layer 2 Tunnelling Protocol (L2TP)
  • OpenVPN


            As told before VPN typically uses tunnelling protocol method to encrypt data. On basic part, this tunnelling makes sure data is encrypted from point to point method and does not allow unauthorised users to go through this data. To create an actual VPN tunnel, a software application such as the VPN client should be locally or in the cloud should be run in the end point device.  Unless or until there is performance issues, the VPN client software is not going to be visible to the user and is going to act like a back ground application.

                 Many factors can be the reasons why performance issues can rise in a VPN. They are : internet connection of the user, the protocols used by the service provider of the internet, the encryption types used by the VPN. The performance of the VPN can also be typically affected by poor quality of service (QoS) outside the control of the information technology (IT) department of the organisation.


VPN hides online identity

A VPN makes sure the users digital footprints cant be tracked by hiding the IP addresses submitted by the user and the online traffic is also encrypted. ISP’s, Online hackers and government agencies cant track don the IP address of the user and sneak on the users online traffic and data. This way the users personal details will not be leaked too. The users privacy is kept safe from the advertisers too. ISP’s have a huge advantage in US cause they can sell data of the user to third party advertisers there. (user doesn’t have to deal with the censorship placed by the government). 


Online connections made through VPN are secure

Wi-Fi is being b most of the lot these days and somehow it is the reason why mobile plans are altering their data plans too. But the problem that often arises with free WIFI is that it is unsecure and it might lead to leakage of personal details of the user. Cybercriminals often use this data to steal data of credit cards, details of all the users bank accounts and login credentials of email and many more. Using a VPN reduces this haste since encryption is used by a VPN to secure user data effectively. The hacker wouldn’t possibly get the chance to hack the data since its mostly random data which is of no use to the hacker. Using VPN makes it easier to access work files easily on the internet. 

Gaming can be made better by the usage of VPN:

With the help of data encryption, VPN provides a better gaming experience for the user by hiding the users details like the IP address, etc.. Since the geographical block is longer an issue, the user gets to play in locations he desires and it wouldn’t be a haste at all. Games banned in a particular location can be played by the user with the help of VPN. All these benefits help the user for a better gaming experience and it’s a win win situation for the user.

Torrenting is now made secure using VPN

Without the presence of  VPN, torrenting can be a very dangerous activity like endangering one’s self data online. So on should know what they are doing when torrenting. When torrenting one can see the data i.e., the IP address of the user while uploading or downloading a torrent. By knowing the IP address others can get to know the city, country and the zip code of the user making users details visible to hackers and others. Torrenting is illegal in particular countries and with the usage of VPN torrenting is made easier and the user can by pass the illegal policies placed by a particular country. By using a VPN, one does not tend to fall in trouble by doing illegal activity by crossing the legal policies of the country. 

VPN will by pass you through the geographical- blocks:

Geographical blocks are technically the blocking of few content over the internet at a particular area, just cause the government thought it was inappropriate for the citizens of that area of that particular country. This is normally done to preserve copyright issues, licensing regulations and various other procedures. By hiding the users IP address, a VPN can help its user to actually by pass this geographical block allowing the user to use content. So a VPN can let its user to use data from all over the world.


VPN will by pass the user through firewalls:

Network firewalls that are present at different locations like home, office, school, the airport , etc. often annoying the user by tending to block some certain websites. Admins of these networks do this work sine they have to follow certain rules and regulations which they can’t by pass but this work of theirs tend to make it difficult for the user to browse certain websites. Using a VPN makes it simpler for the user since he gets the opportunity to hide his identity and his IP address i.e., the address on which this network firewall acts on. This way the user gets the opportunity to access details of content. Government enforced firewalls can be by passed with the help of VPN service 

How do I get a VPN?

When the topic of deploying a VPN arises, the network administrators tend to have several options. Moreover their are many VPN servers to survive easily with complete privacy protections.  Get all the benefits of a secure VPN in just one click.


Download the Best given VPN app on your mobile or desktop device


Open up the VPN app and sign up with your trusted details


Click the “Connect” button to turn on the VPN connection start hiding your online surf

You’re all set

Your device is now protected and you can access your content and unblock any blocked sites.

VPN for every device

You can use any VPN which is available on all major platforms, including Android, iOS, Windows, Mac, and Chrome. With the rise in internet-enabled smartphones and tablets, it’s imperative that you keep your mobile devices secure, along with your desktop or laptop computer. The paid service (premium) plan allows you to protect up to 5 devices with just one account, ensuring every device you own is secure.

Online speed is slowed down due to usage if a VPN:

Internet connection speeds might slow down depending selected VPN’s like the distance between the user and the server, the way data is encrypted and protocol of the some VPN’s being used, etc. With the usage of a strong bandwidth and a powerful CPU, the slowdown in speed could not be visible and sometimes be negligible too.

    But drop in the speed of CPU often takes place once in a while with the usage of VPN by a few Mbps. So, to manage those issues please use top most popular and recommended VPN’s to make more privacy protections.

Better quality VPN tend to be expensive:

Free VPN’s are not at all option, so the user has to pay for his VPN to avail better services like better privacy, data encryption and security from the VPN service provider. Most good quality VPN’s tend to be expensive and might tend to burn a little in the pockets of the user. Moreover by purchasing a VPN you can get 75% cashback offers and others and they run continuously offers to attract more user’s. Even if the user is short on cash also not a much problem . But there are other few VPN providers that are user friendly and give better discounts and services at affordable prices to the user.


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