There are number of electronics are running as well as they can break or break down. This is frustrating and serious matter to clear this problem. But here you can solve it easily without any depends. If you face any problem with your device under warranty period( 1 or 2 Years ) you can clear this without any charge and free delivery. you need not worry as your device is in period of warranty. But if it happens under warranty only, But if Samsung warranty expires, you’ll in trouble and should keep paid service. And in this matter, no one will keep device products track details if your are one of them, then here i can help you to keep you in safe mode without any worries. This  gives you all the required information with qualified and latest, lets know more about Samsung warranty check.

Is your Samsung device is under warranty, where you bought it which country is it, which network is running…

To Check Your Samsung Device Warranty Just Keep 

  • Serial Number 
  • origin country
  • Exact model name (check battery backside)…
  • Network Blockade information
  • Click for registration Or login Samsung Account

Samsung Is Still Under Warranty | Check Here

Countless products in Samsung, in that many people, have many questions on there required products, which is best and about the warranty period, is possible to claim against the warranty.

lets here discuss Samsung warranty check step by step guidance in a simple and easy way.

If really want to claim against the warranty, please check below process.

Before step in this should check your device warranty status. For this only need the product IMEI to make all information visible like network, country and the warranty status.

There is no partiality on the products, service will be in perfect and equal for all customers who bought or are planning to prefer to use the best Samsung products.

And thanks for using Samsung products here you will be seen the best and latest information about Samsung warranty.

Which given information is from official Samsung servers. This website is connected with the official servers and also can visit direct Samsung support site without any restrictions.

Should follow the instructions for checking the warranty period of time and status, country and network for your Samsung model.

Following Methods To Check Your IMEI Number With Easy And Simple Tricks

Dial-in sequence “*#06#” on your Device within seconds your device IMEI number will be displayed on the screen.

The second process to check your Samsung tablet or smart phone’s IMEI number. Just remove your device back cover and battery on the mobile body your serial number and the IMEI number will be located.

Click here to Contact Samsung

Not only for Samsung mobiles also can find more Samsung devices such as TV’s, soundbars and DVD players by looking at either the back or right side of your device. This Number will be visible only on a sticker which shows both Model number and the serial number, from both numbers, have to prefer to copy only serial to check your warranty status.

And here also can check easier for newer devices, Samsung providing to find the serial number by going setting on your device. just go to MENU and choose SUPPORT followed by CONTACT to visible your serial number in Next step.

For Samsung Refrigerators have to check serial number on lower left side of the units exterior.

Simply enter your product serial number and tab on search to get status instantly.

What is covered in your warranty

Mobile Phones

Repairs service will authorized with service centre and accessories will count from purchased date moreover Batter 12 Months and other extra accessories will be 6 Months and also can exchange in our Samsung centre that applicable from customer purchased date valid invoice copy required for warranty...


Repair service will authorized by Samsung, Can get free installation and Demo applicable only for warranty devices, warranty period will count from purchased date and also can get 12 moths exchange warranty( remote, 3D glass).
Warranty period will based on Samsung Product

Home Appliances

Repair service will be authorized by Samsung, Get free installation and demo for only warranteed customers which is counted from purchased date(only once on a warranty term). And warranty terms depend on products like induction motor 60 months only parts and digital inverter motor 120 months only parts.


Repairs service will authorized with service centre and accessories will count from purchased date moreover Battery and other extra accessories will be exchange under warranty and also can exchange in our Samsung centre that applicable from customer purchased date valid invoice copy required for warranty...

Note the Following cases which warranty is not applicatble.

  • If product not purchased from an authorized Samsung sales dealer Samsung care is not responsible for your device.
  • Purchased product is not used as per instructions given in documents, Samsung will not work on your device as free.
  • If you change your serial number will not company personnel.
  • If it breaks by any household pets, rats, cockroaches or any other animals also not applicable.
  • Third party Claims also not applicable.
  • Warranty never cover normal wear and tear like extra accessories.

Guide to extend your warranty period

Tricks To Extend Your Warranty Period In Low Price

Phones, Tablets, TV’s,  Refrigerators’s,  PC’s, Cooking, Laundry, vacuum and more Samsung appliances can extend there product warranty in with simple trick. No product will run long life, they should get repair even if we take more care on them. Mostly they work nearly two years without any problem or repairs. This is the main reason why we should extend our product warranty period. Samsung company providing a chance there customer to extend there product warranty term with in cheap price.
Here you can prolong your device life to run more years, here you can extend upto 4 years depending on your device at low cost. Its costs as low as 1000 INR for phones and other products cost depends upon the product. And product repairs are done with only Samsung services on service centre’s and best  friendly service is Samsung care.
check your Samsung warranty status

Samsung warranty

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