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Founded in 2017 on starting with a low competitor will also reach short results under more popularity in 2018 had done its position in torrents sites where 6th position at a time in best torrent sites list. Later blocked by many countries but still have a chance to utilize 1337X sites you can get similar sites to get complete access without any negativity, you can see below top listed sites.


You can find more domains under 1337X, you can also use them if you face any problem with any domain you can go with another website and all are SSL certified domain with high speed.

There are many sites founded after blocking original sites under your country so, you can find similar sites below this and before using those sites please check that torrent site is permitted in your location if it does not then ride by using VPN while downloading and using any torrent links.

133.tw, 1337x.to, 1337xto.to, 1337x.one, 1337x.am…..

1337x WebsitesStatusSpeed
1337x.tw SecureHigh
1337x.to Secure High
1337xto.to Secure High
1337x.am Secure High

In every above-given websites are simple user interference and you can register for more information you won’t be in any risk by registering, it’s just to provide latest updates messages to your mail id.

In the menu bar you can see the categories like top torrent or KickAss.

This is one of the websites which provides high speed and secure, you can see completely SSL certified and main it’s designed to provide a directory of torrent data and magnet inks used for peer to peer file sharing through to Bit-Torrent protocol.

Latest Update By 1337x

If you feel any un-possibility by the website you can download an application on your gadgets they have created with simple user interference you can completely access 1337X proxy and Unblock it in a simple way by your device.


Latest Trick To Unblock 1337 Proxy And Mirror Sites:

Mainly popularity gained by shutting down another torrents sites like KickAss, torrents Extra-Torrents wherein the year of 2016, those sites are banned suddenly from Google search.

Simple Steps To Unblock 1337x with VPNs:

  1. Download any VPN extensions…
  2. Give permission to add to Chrome and Enable it…
  3. Now you can start ride safely in any one of 1337x proxy or mirror sites…

1337x Alternatives:

You can see a number of alternatives available on the internet with unique categories and perfect performance to user satisfaction. If you face any problem with this 1337x you can also prefer to go with another site listed below.

If There Is Any Problem With Proxies You Can Clear It Easily | Solution

While using proxy servers you may face errors most of this occurs in thr Firewalls, because they became very smart in catching this type of proxies and blocks them easily. To unblock those sites should use VPNs it became mandatory.

They are some Free Proxies And VPNs without any problem select them. Having high speed and secure 100%.

VPNs Can become simply encrypt your traffic and locate all of it by there own servers, by this process any networks can’t search and detect much easier. Most of the proxies work from P2P or torrent connection but not VPN sites because they do not belong to this field like The firewall only want to know traffic route but VPNs set it in the wrong route and make to detection uneasy.

kickass torrentz2 download

KickAss torrents is it search engine???

No, it just performs customizable searches its never work as a real search engine in this, you can have a chance to share their video and audio clips over the torrent portal also can monitor submissions to verify their safety truly.

Similar like a KickAss torrentz2

  • They have some similar servers in that Pirate Bay is really an excellent alternative to TOrrentz2 and Even I using from last two I never face any problem. ( Free service )
  • RARBG Server “100% Really Safe” I like to use it daily, in this they provided content is filtered and all secure for kids. Completely offered as a torrentz2. ( Free service )
  • I love to see 1337 server which having similar to Torrentz2 because have the TV shows and I really like watching.

Kick-Ass Torrents


About Torrent

One most popular server in a search engine to browse and download torrent file document also can share documents. Moreover, before it shut down it was an alert to as the Google of torrents. Before that, you should know that original torrentz has closed long back ago, presently legacy still continues with a different name called as torrentz2. Because the torrentz website has deactivated from Google. By some of the issues it closed and a team of fans other enthusiasts came with a new website like the latest version- torrentz2.

1337x proxy


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