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Now Easy To Find your Dell Warranty Status and Complete Information About Dell products

Generally dell is known as one of the most famous computer manufacturers in allover the world. And it is an US based which has grown alot in various countries like canada, UK, India and many  more. It is used to sell servers, personal computers, and many other electronic items. If you have purchased a dell product recently then you need to know how to check your warranty. So that you can able to know about the things which you should know before repairing your device. 

Lets check your Dell Device IMEI Number In Simple Way.

Dell Product Registration

Now you can Register your product from diglatest without restrictions with complete benefits

  • Fast and efficient support
  • Expedited diagnostics
  • Critical product updates
Required Details To Register in Online
  • Service Tag of product to be registered
  • Complete information about dell product owner must.( Click For Ownership Transfer)

Lets Check Your Dell Warranty Status

  • Click On Button
  • Enter your device IMEI/EMC ID..
  • On Next page you will get Device Status.

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Definitely each and every electronic device will comes with an warranty. Similarly all the electronic devices by dell also comes with an Warranty. Most of the dell products provide you 1 year warranty period. So that it can able to cover the cost of repair when you have damaged your device only within the warranty period. You need not to pay any payment in the repair service. You can able to get free repair service within the warranty period. 

In case if you permanently damage your device then you can get new product from Dell. So you need not worry about buying a new product. In that case you need to check warranty before buying any electronic device like laptop. Keep in mind you need to note the date of purchase of your device. When you have damaged your device because of an accident, the first thing you have to do is you need to consult the nearest dell service center first they will try to fix it. In case they can’t repair your electronic device, In that case you can get a new device.

About Dell Technologies & Warranty:

Almost each and every electronic devices like laptop and PC comes with a warranty period. Similarly in this way dell products also comes with a warranty period. Most of the dell products comes with a 1 year warranty. So that you can repair your device for free within the 1 year warranty period. In that period you can also replace your damaged device with the new one by dell. 

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One of the most common problem which occurs in the laptop or PC is hardware failure. If in case there is a software problem, then they can able to fix your laptop easily. But when you are facing with hardware failure you cannot fix it by yourself, In that case you need to visit the nearest service center. So that you can get laptop or hardware fix it for free, You need not to pay any money. When your laptop is irrepairable then you can get a new laptop. If in case you don’t have any interest in getting a new product then you can ask for a reimbursiment. But in that dell device must meet the terms and conditions of the dell warranty. Such cases you won’t get any repairing services for free. So must and should you have to read the warranty status before using a device.

Latest Trick To Check Dell Warranty Status:

Step 1:

  • Check your dell device serial number and note it..
  • Here should go with serial number to check dell warranty status.
  • This method you can also use in INDIA, US, UK anywhere without any restrictions.
  • And in this guide we will teach your how to claim your product warranty to get back.
  • Click on below link to get warranty status and claim.


When you want to check the dell warranty status then you need to go to the Dell warranty check site. when you opened you need to enter the tag and just hit on the submit button. Now you have to fill the captcha to get the warranty information. If incase there are multiple products then select the my products and services section. This link allow you to access the warranty information. Then you can find login which will access the tool. If the tags which are in CSV file then uploading and display of warranty information will take maximum 5 to 10 minutes.

  • Enter your Serial Number/ EMC ID to get warranty status just on submission.
  • To get your EMC product ID must Register On Dell….
  • If Possible get  to access these features, with your permission Request Access , and you’ll be contacted by a DELL EMC representative to solve more of your problems.
  • Next enter your serial number or service tag.
  • Or better to provide access to detect your PC while this you will get automatic info about your Device.

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When you’r warranty going to expires in 11:59 pm GMT on the End date of warranty period. In that you can convert GMT to the local time. Then you can able to use online time- zone which is which you can find easily on internet search. So that you need to select the closest major city which is used to show the time zone which is based on Time zone offset then you need to add or subtract number of hours to local time.

Dell Warranty Extension Offer For 2019 Customers

Step 2:

You can extend your dell product warranty period upto 3 years from product warranty expired date, for this have to pay Little amount to Dell. ( Online Renewal

International Warranty Support:

Step 3:

They are four methods Engaging technical support when travelling internationally.

  • First you need to contact the call centre of the country in which you travelling.
  • And you need to call the call centre of the home region while abroad.
  • You can also call international queue at 512-728-7424 toll call. when you are in US or in Canada you need to call 800-285-1653

If in case you are in India you can call  +91-9953577416

Click Here To Get More info about Extension process.

Now You Can Also Check Asus Warranty Status.

  • You have to view the service contact page for consumers and consumer to view the service the warranty on your system. which has the support to entitled to.
  • You need to select your country of your system which was purchased in the list provided. So now it will open the new page to see the warranty service option which is available in the region.

3 Best Way To Extend Dell Laptop Warranty Or Any Other Product:

Mostly all  the products comes with a 1 year warranty. Whenever you think to extend you’r warranty then you need to follow these three methods.

  • Online Renewal….(Check Above)
  • Telephone call….(Check Above)
  • Email..(Click On Below Link)

Finally comparing to many companies dell is one of the best company which provides a better features and affordable prizes. So that most of the people are attracting towards the Dell products.

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