Check Your Apple Warranty Status And Best Guide To Extend Apple Warranty

Now Very easy To Check Your Apple Warranty Status And Simple Technique To The Extend Your Warranty Period


Each and every iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, Apple TV, and Mac definitely comes with a one year warranty. Mostly against manufacture defects and also hardware failures. You can also extend your warranty for more years by using AppleCare.

Best Way To Check Apple Warranty Status Of Any Apple Device:

  • Firstly you need to visit Apple’s check coverage website.
  • Then you need to enter your device serial number. And you can able find this in the following places:
  • When you need for iPhone/ iPad: Visit settings>general>about and then find your serial number.
  • When you want it for Mac then you need to Head to Apple Logo>About this Mac and then you can find the serial number.
  • And then you need to prove that you are not a robot in that case you need to complete the captcha.
  • Then you will find four parts for your warranty status :
  • Eligible For An AppleCare Product: This allows you to know that you are eligible for purchase of Applecare+ for the device.
  • Valid Purchase Date: This is used to confirm that the apple has bought you the day that device on record. which is used to you when contracting it for help.
  • Telephone Technical Support: At the time when you want to buy a new apple product, immediately you will get 90 days of assistance via phone. Which is used tells you that it is still valid.
  • Repairs and Service charges:  This is known as main warranty. which is used make you know that how long your device is covered with repairs and problems.
Guide To Check Device IMEI Number For Status

Generally IMEI consists  of 15 digits which will appear on the screen when you dial *#06# which is just like a number. 

When you complete the process of checking IMEI number then you will receive the  following instructions from the iPhone servers.

The data which will include are:

  • Network and country from where the  iPhone comes from.
  • Exact purchase date of iPhone device.
  • And also  the system version of iPhone device.
  • And you also need exact warranty information for iPhone device.

Mostly all information is not available for all the time. But at the time when you provide the IMEI number then you will receive a current data. 

When you need know about iPhone then you will get information about the activation lock status like find my iPhone which also blacklist status.

Mostly all information comes from a free public manufacturer data base. And most importantly all these results present from educational purposes only.

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Best Way To Check Your iPhone Is Under Warranty :

For Better Use Prefer Online Tool

  • Firstly you need to visit the Apple’s Warranty Checker.
  • Then enter the serial number to check which warranty you want. They are two ways to find it in an IOS devices like the iPhone, iPad.

Step1: First tap on settings after entering into settings you an find General option in general option you can about section in about section you can find the serial number section.

Step 2: In this you need to sync the device with the iTunes. Then you can find the devices serial number which displays at the top of the management screen which displays next to the image of the device. Read More

At the Apple’s website you need to enter the serial number in the warranty checker and then you can tap on continue button. Then apple tool will give you five pieces of information they are

  • Which type of device it is?
  • Is the purchase date is valid. ( which is mostly required for getting in warranty support).
  • And also telephone tech support status. And free telephone support is also available which is for a limited time after the device is purchased. At the time when it expires the telephone support is charged on a per-call basis.
  • In case the device is still under warranty for repairs and service and also at exactly which situation it is going to expire. And you can also see the exact estimated date of your coverage.
  • You can also check whether the device is eligible for its extended warranty by using apple care or the status of an active apple care policy.

After all this you need to know if you want to check your warranty is valid.

When the device isn’t registered, Coverage is expired, or can add apple care. Then you have to click on the link which is next to the item that you want to take action on.

Check Hardware Warranty status

Most of the screen repairs caused due to accidental damage. Which will never covered under the Apple Warranty. But in case when your screen breaks due to manufacturing defect then it will be covered by the Apple Warranty check. Mostly when you have Apple care+ then it includes two incidents of accidental damage coverage.

When you are still under apple care, apple care+ or with 1 year manufactures warranty and still you are facing problem with broken screen and any another issues then it will be covered under warranty apple where you can replace your device easily. 

The Things You Have To Do When Your iPhone Was Broken:

First thing that you have to do is you need to check the warranty status.Most important things that you have to do in your warranty status check is 1.You need to check whether it is out of warranty. 2. And then you need to check it is 1 year manufacturers warranty. 3. Finally you need to check whether it is covered by Apple care+.
  • If in any possible case you need backup your data.
  • Mostly you need to use apple for replacement.
  • You can also mail it on Apple care, at the time when you are far away from the apple care retail store.

Standard Warranty’s For Apple’s:

Generally the branded apple product mostly against defect  in materials, and also the workmanship for a period of one year exactly the date of original retail purchase. 

Usually apple limited warranty covers your iPhone and also the apple branded accessories  which is against  from the manufacturing defects of products for one year from the date of product you purchase.

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