The International Mobile Equipment Identity or IMEI is a number which is unique to identify mobile phones or Satellite phones. It also can use to track mobile location or network and also can check Lenovo warranty status

IMEI Number Tracking

GSM Network use the IMEI number to find the devices and to check whether working or not, also can stop accessing the network by user permission like Network agents can stop when mobile has loosed or stolen, if a user needs to add in blacklist the phone, it required network name and IMEI number to add-in list. This renders the phone will be useless on that network and even it won’t work if the thief changes the network or Subscriber Identity Module(SIM).

The mobile stage will be useless, however, the Network agents can track the mobile by there technology( by transmitting the international mobile subscriber identity(IMSI) Number, which can get from SIM card it will be a unique number with complete security feature.

Check IMEI Free For iPhone, Samsung, at&t......

-> IMEI Number can get from your mobile printed inside the battery of the phone.

-> Can also get by dialling *#06# on the dial pad it automatically displayed on your phone.

-> Do this process to find your device IMEI number 

Setting -> General -> About

Now Easy To Check IMEI Blacklist

 Get your IMEI by dialling *#06# in dial pad it automatically appers on the screen.

Before purchasing any mobile verity that the IMEI is clean or not and whether its is added in blacklist. Check complete background before touching any phone if that phone has been reported as lost or stolen anywhere in the world you will be in danger.

Moreover if owner of phone not pay any bills also can be set i blacklist.

How To Check Whether IMEI Is Blacklisted?

In you can find a latest technique to check whether your device is in blacklisted or not. Here you can check any country or company device IMEI number without any errors. Such as  India, USA, Canada, Australia, Ireland, Brazil, Venezuela, Chile, Central Europe and many more. All models are Linked to this server like: iPhone, Lenovo, Acer, Samsung, Nokia, Motorola, LG, Huawei, Asus, Vivo and more. Before this process check your Mobile bills or any bills linked with your network because if you not pay your bills, agents can be set as blacklist.

IMEI Limitations

In sometimes Network agents can remove from blacklist this mostly depends on local arrangements, it happens rarely. This would include quoting a password chosen at the time of blacklisting without a password won’t add or remove.

Uses With IMEI Number

IMEI number will be unique you may get to know such data like Samsung warranty status, Network and country from the deivce originall comes with purchased date, repairs information, system version with model number and more details about your device. If you want to check your IMEI please follow above process. Before purchasing your product from any branded company should register in there company site to get notifications with latest versions and warranty expires alerts. You may also get if the specification just to know your phone better and read information about the product. By this IMEI number you can also find exact location of your device, is listed in blacklist and also can check device status.

IMEI & IMEISV Structure With Software Version


The IMEI will be unique with 15 digits or IMEISV 16 digits which most powerful and maintains the information about Model and serial number. With this serial or IMEI you can find product Apple warranty status.  This IMEI and IMEISV is specified in 3GPP ts 23.003, In this IMEI portion Model and origin comprised with 8-digits als can named as Type allocation code.

In older 2004, IMEI number is designed with alphabets like AA-CCCCCC-UUUUUU-D but it may not always be displayed this way…

Moreover IMEISV does not have the present design instead have two digits for the software version number described in a format AA-EEEEEE-TTTTTT-II


Where Do I Report On Missing Mobile Device | Missing Mobile Complaint

At any moment you can loose your mobile without knowing you(Stolen), at that time should take action on thief’s How Where When….

Let’s start, When you prepared to take an action on your loosed mobile or device your must place your device IMEI Number to fill the application on online after Verifying ownership automatically mobile will be added in Global blacklist, by this process mobile will be worth too complicate to sell by stolen or lost phone to second hand shops, or to recycling companies or via-online or internet auctions. If any thief or second hand person tries to sell your device automatically you will get a notification alter with location or someone found your device. By this you can get a chance to recover your missing phone or get it back. If possible try to complaint in police station about missing device with complete data.

Here reporting process completely free, no charges are applicable, it will take just a fraction of minutes. please be patience while filling your device details because your provided date will add to record in international IMEI blacklist database.


In the Next step, after submitting a record with your complaint, rechecking information will be display’s you and check whether correct or not. You will be the responsible if they happen any mistaked actions places or it automatically your claim will be rejected by agents. Main information will be taken only Mail Id and Name are worthy to agents, and this data will be keeps secretly or personal without sharing to third person.

Totally it take four step, here im to guide your will all….

Lets start..

Click on button besides

  • Enter your device IMEI number without any spaces or dashes…
  • Click on bar for verification purpose and tab on submit…
  • After you will get about your device information with model and company name…
  • Below box enter your name as sign..
  • Write little, about where your loosed with time and what happen…
  •  Enter some details about where loosed, when, network, what happen…
  • Next ownership verification NAME and COUNTRY..
  •  Final step is confirmation with your mail id and OTP process will occurs…..
check IMEI

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