Today in this topic we are going to give you a complete information about the Asus warranty check.

Generally Asus is an Taiwan- based Multinational Computer and Phone hardware, Electronics company. And Asus is known as the world’s 5th largest PC Vendor basing on 2017 unit sales.

Important Information Regarding Asus

Warranty Status Inquiry

Mostly warranty has the  different implications which is known as a certification or Guarantee, which helps you get confirmation one gathering to the next gathering. Which explicate realities or conditions that will valid or occur. This truthful assurance will be used to Authorized paying little mind to Materiality. Which used to allow into consideration legitimate cure, if it is guarantee isn’t valued or pursued.

When the in spite of the spite of the fact which is guarantee in its least complex shape a component of an agreement, And mostly some guarantees will keep running with an item so producer used to make guarantee with the buyer because the maker didn’t have any direct authoritative relation ship.

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Check your Warranty Status

  1. Click on link Asus warranty check.
  2. Enter Your Serial Number.
  3.  Click Next 
  4. Below you will Get complete data about your Asus product.

It is the most widely recognized sort of guarantee on merchandise it is a guarantee that the item which is free from the imperfections in materials and the workmanship. This is jsut known as the guarantees that maker legitimately built the item which is out of appropriate materials. This is used to suggest the item which will execute also such items will generally do. 

Generally for these guantees are restricted, when constraining the time which purchaser needs to make a case. 

Best Instructions To Asus Warranty Check:

At the time when it is not too much, then take a duplicate from the majority of your own data. And then evacuate the any personal data from the hard drive. Because company is not responsible for any loss of data.

When you want to give the better administrations then if  it is not more trouble then you have to observe about full depiction of the issue or issues which include messages then after that exchange it to the Asus approved admistration focus.

Best Ways To Find Asus Products Serial number:

  • Firstly you need to check  the sticker label which is at the bottom side of the notebook Eee PC.
  • You can also check sticker label which is placed in the warranty card. In that the serial number is placed after the word serial number like SSN,S/N OR SN.
  • Another way to find serial number is check in BIOS main menu.
  • When you want o get into the BIOS main menu, Then you need to hit on the F2 button repeatedly aftering powering until the BIOS menu shows up.
  • You can also check in the pakage box, The sticker label which is listed on the side of the package box. In that the serial number is listed after the word serial number as SSN,S/N, OR SN.

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Now Easy To Check Your Device Repair Status

Are you facing any trouble to search your repair history, if your product is sent by re-seller’s or shop, please approach them for more results.


Also can gather here, about your device repairs history by your reference. The completion date of the repair will be according to real repair situation, gladly welcome to visit our website to check the latest progress of your device repairs.

  1. Click on link Repair Status
  2. Fill your Serial Number..
  3. Tab on submite


  1. Click On Link Service Request..
  2. Enter Your Serial Number.. & Next
  3. Select Gender and enter your DOB..
  4. NEXT

5. Tab On Understand.

6. Select your device problem ..

7. File complete details about you and your device ..

8. You will get a call from service centre then they will approach at your Home

Things Which Are Not Covered Under Laptop Warranty Are Here:

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  • When the laptop is damaged towards physical damge  or internal damage then warranty will not applicable to the device.
  • When screen of laptop has broken and dots on the screen.
  • When you find defective keywords and missing keys.
  • When you openening the case like hinges and cover damage.
  • When you break the OEM seal, At the time when you try to open your laptop by your own, then in that your warranty may void.
  • Your warranty may be void at the time when you add, remove or any internal components without any consent of OEM.
  • Warranty will never applicable to the any loss of data files, videos, images, system software and 3rd party software.
  • And also if any user installed software.
  • If in case laptop theft, damage or any breakage will be comes under insurance policy.
  • When the laptop is damaged due to liquid damage, water spill, coffee split.
  • Any damage of damaged charger, charger cable, charger pin, charging port, DC jack.
  • Most importantly short circuit and burning. 

Terms Of The Warranty:

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  • This warranty is available to only to the first buyers and  it is never transferable to one user to the another user.
  • And this warranty is also used to demonstration and the installation of  the product purchased.
  • If in case any customer purchased Asus decvice from outside and it has local warranty. Then it can be repairable at additional charges.
  • In the time of repairs/ replacement of any parts of the units, then this warranty will be there after the continue and remain in force which is only for the unexpired period of the warranty. Mostly time taken repair/replacement and in transit whether under the warranty or it will not be excluded from the warranty period.
  • Zero Bright Dot warranty defination.
  • DOT policy: Bright dot>3 dot.
  • Dark dot>5 dots.
  • Definition of dot: Bright dotd: Generally dots appear in bright and unchanged in size, So that module is displaying under the Black pattern
  • Dark dots: dots are used to appear in dark and unchanged in size, Which module is displaying under pure red green or the blue pattern.

Things To Follow When you Are Refering To The Asus Authorized Service centres:

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  • First thing that you need to do is to take a copy of your personal information. And you have to remove all the personal and the confidential information from the hard drive. Because Asus authorized service centres are not responsible for the any loss of data while repairing.
  • To get a good services, you need to note the full description of the problems or the problems included error messages and then transfer it to the Asus authorized service centre.

Finally Asus ia an one of the best company in these latest days, Because of its features and the affordable prizes and also its service was really excellent. So personally in my opinion Asus is one of the best product in these days.

asus warranty check

asus warranty status

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