In the last topic, I said that How to download and where to download the torrents files. Mostly I preferred to download from the site KickAss Torrent fame after the pirate bay.

KickAss Torrents also called as KAT or KickAss or Kick-Ass like silk Road 2.0, It was launched in the year 2008 and around completely eight years. In the year. One of the best and popular sites in the year 2014 under most visited torrent website over 1 million views every day. But in early, they met to bad news from the US Government because they ordered to close the website.

On the moment they seized by the US. Department of staff lifted their office and owner were arrested.

But still, they are user, search for KickAss Torrent sits to enjoy the quality and latest torrent files. Here you can download best and high-quality movies and also you can visit online without downloading. One of the best online streaming site. Government seized sites are not working but their staff and someone started several fake websites similar to the kickass torrent original site with the same layout and categories with a lot of malware and phishing pages.

Users are still searching for torrent sites. Want to get access KAT than better to use proxy servers to hide your IP address.

Here you can get complete proxy and VPN servers under free service to get complete access that makes you to stream and download any torrent files and movies etc.

Top Free Web Proxy Sites To Surf Anonymous:

  • FreeProxy.
  • Top 5 VPN’s.

Top Most Popular And Best Torrent Sites Under Secure And Unblocked Site:

YtsMoviemagnet ExtraTorrentNyaa

please try to avoid GEO- blocking because you have can use another option with a new and latest site with updated version KickAss Hydra with the new domains for KAT or KickAss Torrent.

You already have seen with the old version “Kickasshydea. how” but you can get completely clear with this site completely reduced your problems like the layout and categories etc.

KAT has already blocked in India and other countries but still, you have an option to workout and enjoy torrent files under riskless with changing DNS servers to ( More DNS Servers ).

Have a another option to workout on your loved torrent site with using VPN servers ( Top VPN’s )

Also Isohunt is back you can also survive with this torrent file within secure and highest speed.

Five Alternative Torrent Site With Secure And High-Speed Sites With Latest Updates:

Latest 2019 kickAss torrent site released in this year 2019 with complete updates and user interference


#1. TorLock:

My one of the best site to complete verification more than 5,921,340 files and with latest updated torrents files per day minimum 1000files can be upload by the owner of the site and easy to download with highly security and speed.

It will be completely about to download quality files and magnet links.

Easy to use and monitize without any risk, mostly like to download hihg quality Music, Games, Software, Latest TV series and Magnet links.

One of the best and unique website without fake torrent site or files as its official motto. They won’t add any fake or non-original file in the website. If you find any fake file you can feedback to site owner, immediate action can be taken by the owner of the site on the file.

You can also get money through this site way to finding any fake torrent file or link you can get compensation of 1$ to your bank to each torrent file.

#2. iDope:

The new torrent site to download movies and shows or magnet links without any risk ride you. Their any difference in quality here also you can see the high quality with secure and speed with user interference page layout.

This one best and an excellent alternative to our KickAss torrent. This is the one you can hide your DNS and IP address best and secure server. Even you have an option to claims never to track its visitors.

A tribute torrent with an alternative to kickAss torrent. To show more performance they have been designed the best application to satisfy their users. If you face any problem in the domain like blocking! you can download this application to enjoy the web.

Mobile Friendly Application With Easy Layout And Categories:

This search torrent application is listed in ascending/descending order based completely in quality and size.

100% Verified Torrent Files In Large Collection:

you can see completely more than 12,020,500 trendy shows, movies and all kinds of video resources with daily updated files and in the application daily alert more than 1000 latest files can be inserted (per day).

Secure And Fast Application:

One of the best application to download and surf online with secure! No annoying Ads and Zero virus you never have seen the application with all kind of benefits.

P2p File Sharing Application:

We already heard this type of sharing and in every torrent file, we can use this service p2p sharing. One of the best to share files and links in short and easy.

#3. Yify Torrent / Yts:

YIFY Torrent also called as YTS torrent. Best and famous movie streaming site to watch online without downloading any files or extra activities. Also have an option to download with high-quality formate 720p HD, 1080p Full HD, and Blu-Ray….. No paid service completely free to use.

We can see here that, they are more than lakhs of people still search torrent sites after seized by Government to feel entertain with quality and latest updates.

YIFY got popularity and high recognizations every user prefers like to watch in YIFY sites that it rebranded itself in the name if YTS.

In the year of 2014, the most popular and famous site for torrents and magnet links getting lack of user per minute the download button in countless.

Today YIFY is the undisputed king of movie sites to all users…..

Warning! Use Proxies Or VPNs To Surf On Torrent Sites With Hiding Your Identity.

Because downloading any torrent files or links its risk to you. so, to avoid those things to surf in online with hiding your identity best to use any proxy or VPNs because of the high qualified to hide your identity and your internet activities top your trackers or internet providers.

Your personal data never and won’t steal by anyone and won’t be exposed to your tracker. You are navigating with internet Chrome or other websites 75.0.3770.100 on Windows 10  with a display resolution of  1366×768  and the CPU of your device has  4 cores.

Don’t ride with risk click to know more about VPNs Top mastered online VPNs

#4. Zooqle Torrent:

One of the best torrent to have movies and other torrent files and rare to hear the name of this site more often. But great and convincing KickASS alternative.

The site offers you from 4,324,418 verified torrents to download any link and files also up-to-date latest torrents can be upload/ per day minimum uploads can place more than 1000 files with best and secure but not fake torrent files or links.

User interference will be the best and very advanced option to make happy there users. Neat and clear options Size, Languages, Gener, Released and Most Important Quality…

Completely you can gather more than 2000 TV shows, 2-M torrents, 2500 trackers etc…

Worldwide Alexa Rank: 1,766

#5. Torrentz2:

Torrentz2 is one powerful, clone, copycat, successor and replacement with great search engine also multi- search one of great layout.

You cant have an option to upload or tracker or cache cant anything here. Secure in your search keywords it’s never hosted you and indexing process will be automated its never checked by anyone and never seen that copyrighted.

The best alternative to KickAss torrent and very similar to Google search engine and you loved site to ride on online.

Worldwide Alexa Rank: 501

Note: It’s just an information page we never entertain any extra sites which seized by Government.

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